Armed with her guitar and a voice that rings out from the caverns of her soul, Jen Shankman will keep you on the edge of your seat. At a mere 5’1", when this New Yorker takes the stage, she is anything but small. With the right combination of bare-boned honesty, carefully-crafted melodies and a wry sense of humor, Jen will make you want to laugh and cry, and above all, she will make you think. She is a force to be reckoned with, a performer who has truly learned to stand on her convictions.

With the release of her third CD, "Tell It Like It Is," Jen once again extends an open invitation into her world of intertwining relationships and self-discoveries, each in the form of a pop tune guaranteed to keep you humming it’s melody long after the CD has ended.

Jen was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York. Her father (a pilot) and her mother (a teacher) always encouraged and helped to provide outlets for Jen’s creativity and passion. She studied viola, clarinet, voice and guitar, sang in choirs and even taught music in schools throughout the Tri-state area, but it wasn’t until College that Jen began writing and performing her own material. "When I discovered intelligent songwriters who really focused on melody and song structure, that is when I first realized my focus." Early influences include Carole King, Patty Griffin, Rickie Lee Jones and Shawn Colvin. Having been raised in and around New York City, Jen learned to draw on the highs and lows of both city living and human relationships--catching glimpses of stranger’s lives and writing stories, and always drawing on her own experience.

Jen has won fans and left a lasting impression at clubs and colleges across the United States. Her most notable performance spaces include Madison Square Garden and The MCI Center. Jen has had the distinct honor of playing guitar for Joan Osborne and has shared the stage with such notable talents as Ani DiFranco, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Patty Griffin, Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), Ellis Paul and Jonatha Brooke. She was a finalist in the Lilith Fair Talent Search, and a winner in the Musician’s Guide Independent Music Awards. Jen has also appeared on the Oxygen Network and performed at V-Day 2001 at Madison Square Garden. With her third CD under her belt and a track on the new Wondermore Records compilation of the "best and the brightest," Jen has once again proven herself as both a gifted writer and a powerhouse performer. One little girl, one big voice, just listen.

"Sincere, revealing performance and lyric imagery."
--TAXI, the World’s leading independent A&R Company

"All it takes is one listen; one listen to an amazingly powerful and soulful voice, and people are sold."
--Binghamton University

"Some great folky pop/rock that will draw you in."
--Harris Radio

"Jen has crafted clever but heartfelt lyrics that resonate with her powerful voice. Her songs are so genuine and spring from experiences most of us have endured or can relate to. She has so beautifully captured heartache and recovery that you’ll want to play these songs over and over again (as I did)."
--Don Weiss, NYC

"She reaches into my gut and starts shaking my innards saying 'remember that time, remember that feeling?' Jen is a voice of honest acceptance of the world, her words reaching into the inside of pain and looking for something else there."
--The Warrior's Voice

"A great talent coming from New York music scene, Jen rides that line of folk singer/songwriter and alternative rock/pop and offers up the best of both."
--Matt Smith, Folkweb